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Paying with Cash Saves lots of Money

Paying  with Cash Saves lots of  Money

Paying with Cash

Have you ever wonder why after two weeks after your paycheck that you seem to have no money left, when know you should have enough to row over to the next week to pay the bills?
When you pay with cash instead of a debit or credit card. It will dramatically help you to save a lot of money.You may be wondering how is this even possible. Before I even get to this let me tell what the problem by using a card for your transactions.
first thing by using a debit/credit card there is no feeling behind it. What I a mean by that is that is the too easy swipe and say to yourself I will just pay it later. The Next Thing you know you have now encountered a huge debt problem.
The second problem is that simply there is no accountable ability to yourself or self-discipline behind it. When caught it the moment for an example a huge sale on the lasted electronic gizmo it is too easy to swipe and forget and move on. When paying with cash you get totally the opposite feeling

Paying with Cash Creates Self Discipline

Paying cash means you will spend a lot less than using a credit card/debit card. Recent  Studies have shown that people who spend just use cash, will just end up spending less money with means more money in your pocket.   Using plastic means you'll spend 12-18% more on your wants instead of focusing our your needs.  It hurts more to pay with cash that you have now than it does to pay slowly over time with money you hope to have in the future.

I have now a true understanding of my needs and my wants are.
It has taken some time but, I can now walk into a store of any kind and differentiate between the things I really need and those things that I just want. Before I would throw whatever in the cart and figure the credit fairy was there to cover me. Now I take the time to pause in the aisle and really think about the necessity of my purchases.

Paying with cash helps me understand the need to wait on big purchases.

Because I can no longer run out and get anything I want with a swipe of the plastic, I have to wait and save up the cash. This waiting period, highly recommended by many credit experts has really worked for me. In most cases, the stuff I really wanted out-of-mind for me after a waiting period of time.
 The is no more need to worry about any missed payments, you also don't have to worry about whether or not you made a payment on time or not.That means less bill paying stress at the end of the month!

In conclusion 

inclusion I think paying in cash is a great way to save money, rethink think on major purchases, by paying with cash you can get out of debt. and be on your way to financial freedom that you well desire.


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